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The Power of Values: Exploring Westray Recruitment's Pillars of Success

Finding a recruitment company that aligns with your values is crucial. Here at Westray Recruitment, we take pride in our core values: Accountable, Real, Ethical, and Community. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of each of these values and how they contribute to Westray Recruitment's success.


Accountability is the cornerstone of any reputable recruitment agency. Westray Recruitment understand the significance of taking responsibility for their actions and decisions. By being accountable, Westray can ensure that they deliver on their promises to both candidates and clients. This value drives Westray to maintain clear communication, meet deadlines and provide transparent feedback throughout the recruitment process. By holding themselves accountable, Westray Recruitment fosters trust and reliability, which strengthens their relationships with all stakeholders.


Being real means being authentic and genuine in every interaction. Westray Recruitment understands that success comes from building real connections and understanding the unique needs of their clients and candidates. By taking the time to listen and comprehend the challenges faced by candidates and clients, Westray Recruitment can provide tailored solutions. Being real also means being honest about what they can and cannot deliver, ensuring that expectations are managed effectively. This value emphasises the importance of building long-term and meaningful relationships.


Ethics play a crucial role in the recruitment industry and Westray Recruitment is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards. Westray’s commitment to ethical practices ensures fair treatment, equality and diversity in every aspect of their operations. By sticking to ethical guidelines, Westray Recruitment creates an inclusive environment that develops trust, loyalty and long-term partnerships.


Westray Recruitment recognises the importance of giving back and being an active member of the community. They understand that a successful business is not solely measured by financial gains but also by the positive impact it has on the local community. By engaging in community initiatives, supporting local charities and promoting social responsibility Westray Recruitment demonstrates their commitment to making a difference beyond the realm of recruitment. This value not only strengthens their brand image but also attracts individuals and organisations who share similar values.

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The values of accountability, real, ethical and community are the pillars that support Westray Recruitment's success. By prioritising these values, Westray have established themselves as a trusted and reliable recruitment agency especially across the North East of England.

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