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Westray Recruitment Wins Green Award

Westray Recruitmentannounced as winners at the inaugural Greenify Climate Action Awards

Category winners go above and beyond conventional sustainability protocols by delivering positive climate action.

The Greenify community is a collection of ethical and progressive businesses that mitigate their eco-footprint by driving real & measurable action to combat climate change.

An eco-footprint covers more than just carbon emissions, with deforestation and plastic pollution also endangering our fragile ecosystem and climate. So Greenify asserts that any meaningful effort to become “sustainable” must also address these critical threats.

The Greenify Talent Recruitment Brand of the Year Award is presented to the recruitment business that has delivered the greatest positive environmental impact in 2022. The winner is Westray Recruitment.

The combined climate action for 2022 was:

· 1,912 trees planted in world-leading reforestation projects.

· 1,631 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions off-set.

· 5.8 tonnes of nature-bound plastic waste captured and repurposed – equivalent to preventing 290,000 plastic bottles from entering our ecosystem.

Greenify founder, Neil Owens, says, “Westray Recruitment have made an extraordinary impact in 2022 – they’ve raised the bar massively in terms of what organisations can achieve in combatting climate change. If every business followed their lead, all our futures would look a lot brighter.”

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