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Westray’s Winter Review

It’s time for our seasonal review!

Winter came and went and we still don’t have another season of Game of Thrones to watch. Therefore our consultants have spent more hours than they’d like to admit watching several other series, just to fill the gap. And we also had a surprise fan of Gossip Girl! He started to watch it as a challenge, but he came to enjoy it.

We had 4 birthday celebrations and we definitely ate cake every week at least once. December was a very sweet month for us and we enjoyed every bite of it!

Apart from that, at the beginning of December we also celebrated Secret Santa, giving each other meaningful / funny gifts along with few bottles of prosecco (girl’s best friend). You can see photos from the happy event on our Facebook page or on our Instagram.

On a more professional tone, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced from 25th May and we want to ensure our partners and clients are aware of these regulations and they have taken measures to keep their clients’ data safe.
That’s why, along with our partner and neighbour, PG Legal we organised a GDPR seminar in December to provide a basic introduction and implementation of the measures required regarding data protection.

Due to its popularity we are planning to hold another one at the end of February. Therefore, if your company is interested in updating your Company’s awareness of GDPR (it affects everyone dealing with European customers, regardless of Brexit) then please contact us to secure your seat!

During the winter, we have awarded 2 prizes for the Temp of the Month to Habtom Gergish and to Jameel Colley who work for our Manufacturing division.

Our ‘Temp of the Month’ scheme is in place to award those who provide an outstanding service to our clients, we truly appreciate their hard work and great performance. They have been praised by their superiors and our consultants have noticed their dedication, so it was only right to award them.

In conclusion, we’d like to thank our clients, partners and candidates for yet another successful and enjoyable season!

You can find out how we spent our autumn by reading Westray’s Autumn in Numbers!

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