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Induction Day

Northumbrian Fine Foods pride itself with making delicious, gluten-free biscuits that everyone can enjoy and Westray Recruitment is happy to support them by finding the right people to make award-winning cookies!

In order to do that we have carefully selected the right people, who put passion in their job and today we offer them an induction to make sure they are ready to start their new job.

The first part of the induction will be conducted by our consultant Aaron Wadey and will take place at our company. They will be informed about health and safety regulations on the site and also to get answers to their questions.

The second part of the induction will take place later today at Northumbrian Fine Foods where a factory floor walk around will take place, so all the candidates can get comfortable with their workplace and get answers to any queries prior to being allocated their first shifts.

Westray Recruitment is happy to provide quality services to its clients and make the world a tastier place in the meantime!

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