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Meet the Team - Joe Rowan

Introducing Joe – one of our Engineer Recruitment Consultants!

He is known in the office for his innate ability to convince people on diets to order pizza... every single time!

Joe is also a passioante rugby player, so outside of work he will often be found either on the rugby pitch getting stamped and hurt or at a bar with his friends.

If he wasn't recruiting, he'd probably be travelling around Australia and Asia (and hopefully he will regardless where he works). And his dream holiday is made of 2 weeks on a sunny beach in Barbados - drinking cocktails and playing cricket with the locals.

If a movie of his life story was made, this is how he'd promote it:
Could have been a rugby player if it wasn’t for a bad knee. Could have been a scientist if it was for a bad mind. Could have been an Artist, if it wasn’t for a lack of talent. This Christmas, watch the story of Joe…The boy who couldn’t

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