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Growth at Westray Recruitment Consultants!

We announced last week that we are opening a new office in Stockton in October. This represents so much to us at Westray Recruitment Consultants for a few reasons.

First and foremost, this represents a new period of growth in Westrays history. We have experienced growth before, which we undertook strategically and to ensure we were in the best position service our clients. This new period of growth is again, with our future as an organisation in mind.

The Teesside office opening ushers in a new period of growth that will allow us to provide our bespoke and peerless recruitment experience to more clients, and also ensure our current clients have more avenues to contact us.

Secondly, back in 1990, Westray started by occupying an office on Albert road in Teesside, so for us it’s back to where we began! We’ve spent the time perfecting our processes, doubling down on our values and applying our entrepreneurial mind-set to issues across the board.

We thrived during the 2008 financial crash, at a time when unemployment numbers soared. Throughout challenges, threats to us and competition we have succeeded thanks to our incredibly strong brand identity. We are ready for the challenges of today!

If you want a truly bespoke and coherent recruitment experience that perfectly meets your needs, get in touch NOW!

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