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Recruitment industry's surprising growth is down to increase in 'hard to fill' vacancies.

2018 looks to be a record year in the Recruitment Industry for new businesses.

The reason seems paradoxical, but the rise in employment has led to a large amount of roles being hard to fill due to skill shortages. Businesses are more likely to seek external help to fill vacancies.

This was discussed by Paul MacKenzie-Cummins, Managing Director who said “Record high employment is great for the economy, but it also means that talent pools are shrinking. Yet employers have vacancies to fill and the harder it becomes to find the people they need, the more likely they are to turn to recruiters to solve their recruitment challenges".

Shrinking talent pools are due to changes in legislation, record employment levels, and lower levels of available skills. The recruiter helps to address all of these issues, which helps to explain why it is a popular and lucrative new business to start.

The lesson to take from this, is that despite the coming economic uncertainty, the recruiter that can consistently fill difficult roles will be the recruiter that succeeds, they just have to cut through the noise.

What direction do you think the recruitment industry is heading in?

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