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Westray’s Spring Review

Summer is coming, birds are singing and the grass is greener on our side!

This spring has been busy, busy, busy for Westray and the North East business community. How many GDPR opt-in emails have you received in the past quarter? Yes, we’ve lost count too.

More than ever, business owners need to be more aware of privacy and consent. That’s why, in conjunction with our friends at PG Legal, we organised GDPR seminars for businesses in the North East, so they could understand the new European privacy policies better. Attendees also had the chance to network their way to a safer privacy environment!

Speaking of networking, on a sunny Thursday evening, the Inaugural Newcastle LinkedIn Local event took place in Newcastle. We were happy to attend and our Commercial Director, Ashleigh Wright, alongside other members of a panel, were speaking about building better networks.

Were you there? The event was fantastic and half of the ticket proceeds were donated to charity.

We have also been helping scholars too. Our Commercial Director, Ashleigh, carried out mock interviews with the students of Park View School in Chester-le-Street, which was a thoroughly enjoyable day! It’s becoming increasingly important to prepare the younger generation for the transition into the workforce and this is why Ashleigh did the same again (alongside a number of other North East businesses) at an event organised by Esh Group, at St James’s Park. This time, there were 1000 students interviewed in one day!

The North East Automotive Alliance SME Showcase was our opportunity to meet new and old business partners who visited us at stand 58! Our Technical & Engineering Manager, Tony Hutchinson, wasn’t there empty handed – lots of chocolates were certainly shared that day!

Easter came and went before we blinked, but when we returned to the office, the latest edition of Northern Insight magazine had arrived, with our logo in it! Did you see it too?

We are very proud to have been featured in such a great regional business magazine, not only in April but also in May. And just a heads up: in June, you will be able to read an article about our Managing Director, Maureen. This one is certainly not to be missed!

But let’s talk about April 20th – the best day of the year so far. This was the day that we first heard the bells from the ice cream van! The first day we ate an ice cream in 2018! We had strong nostalgic feelings that day and we felt for the first time this year, that summer was actually coming!

We have also awarded 2 Temp of the Month prizes to Guy Roberts and to Paul Johnson, who work for some of our manufacturing clients.

Our ‘Temp of the Month’ scheme is in place to award those who provide an outstanding service to our clients, as we truly appreciate their hard work and great performance. They have been praised by their superiors and our consultants noticed their dedication also, so it was only right to reward them.

In conclusion, we’d like to thank our clients, partners, and candidates for yet another successful and enjoyable season!

You can see photos of all our main events on our Instagram page (the place where we document the Westray life). You can also find out how we spent our winter by reading our Westray’s Winter Review!

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